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Welcome! I’m Gene Deegan, an experienced clinical psychologist with specialized training in various relaxation techniques that target both the mind and body. Through decades of client-focused practice and honing my skills, I’ve created a streamlined approach that I call Autogenic Healing (AH). This method empowers clients to manage their own journey towards personal health and wellness. Through the use of “guided mastery” sessions that can easily be practiced in the comfort of your own home, you can start experiencing the benefits today!

What is Autogenic Healing?

Autogenic Healing is your guided path to relaxation, available on-demand at your convenience. It’s an innovative technique that guides you through a series of verbal affirmations and calming visualizations via carefully crafted audio sessions. As you engage in this self-healing journey within the comfort of your own space, you’ll be empowered to discover inner tranquility and well-being.

My Approach

Stress and Muscle Tension Reduction: Autogenic Healing helps ease stress and muscle tension, resulting in a reduction in pain and an overall sense of relaxation and comfort.

Progressive Relaxation: Through gentle audio suggestions and affirmations, you’ll enter a state of deep relaxation, promoting calmness and peace within.

Guided Visualizations: You’ll be led through peaceful visualizations, creating a serene mental space that enhances your self-healing capabilities.

Peaceful Soundscapes: Audio sessions utilize specially crafted, calming music that enhances your journey to mastering the power of your mind-body connection.

Scientifically Supported Techniques

Autogenic Healing isn’t just any relaxation practice. It’s backed by scientific evidence. Multiple studies have demonstrated the significant positive effects of autogenic healing techniques. From lowering blood pressure and reducing muscle tension to alleviating pain, anxiety, and depression, the benefits are measurable and documented. These powerful guided sessions empower you to stay active, feel healthier, and be your best self.

Recent Studies: Multiple studies have highlighting the significant benefits of using Autogenic Healing as a complimentary practice to traditional medical treatments. It has been shown to be a powerful tool in treating anxiety disorders, depression, stress, and chronic pain. Such a simple, easy-to-use therapy can guide you towards better control of your health.

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